Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Anniversary Month

I did not realize that I passed the 6th anniversary of Barefoot Men a few weeks ago.  I started back in 2011 and became immersed into the blog world.  I immediately loved it and was so excited with each new follower.  I appreciate everyone who stops by for a look, a quick read, and especially those who comment because that is what really builds this blog family.

I have received emails in the past that wanted to know why I post so often.  For the record:

1)   I do have a life away from the computer.  LOL!  A busy one actually.

2)   I am not obsessed with porn...I just appreciate naked men!  Actually men in general, but naked is always a nice plus!

3)   I find things that I want to share and it requires me to post often.  Plus I like the banter that stems from the various posts.  I know that not every post connects with everyone so I suppose it is a way to invite people to come back to visit often.  If you don't one post, please scroll down one or two more and hopefully there is something that gets your engine running!  LOL!

So thank you to everyone who reads this post.  You make this so enjoyable for me and I thank you for your support and encouragement to continue Barefoot Men for six years!

Much love to all!

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