Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Share Some Love

Hi blog family,

I received a private email from a visitor to the blog and he has graciously agreed to allow me to share it with all of you. 


I enjoy visiting your blog and reading about the freedom that you have regarding being a gay man.  I am quite a bit older than you and from a generation where being openly gay would have shattered my future.  Even today, I live a closeted life and rarely pursue a sexual hookup with another gay man.  At my age now (early 60s), it is not the dominant thing in my life.  I have good friends, a good job, good health, and an a good positive attitude most of the time.  

I admit that I read your blog and that of some others and I do wonder what life would have been like to live in this generation where being openly gay does not have the stigma that it did when I was in my 20s and 30s.   

I made my choices in life and I accept that.  There are times I feel alone but I am OK most of the time.  

My email is not to feel sorry for me but to actually encourage you.  I wanted to write to thank you for your openness when you share on your blog.  Your post about your sister's engagement really hit home for me.  Keep searching for your soul mate.  He is out there.  You will have many years to enjoy life with each other when you do find him. 

I hope you will keep your blog going for a long time.  I am glad that I came across it and continue to a fan of it.

Best wishes,

I asked "D" if I could share it because there may be others who have experienced a similar journey.  As mentioned in previous comments, I do appreciate the fact that being gay is more accepted today than probably ever before.  It should get easier with each generation. 

Sending much love to "D" for allowing me to share his email and to everyone out there who visits the blog! 

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