Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Question of the Week: Sex in the Workplace

It seems fitting that on this Labor Day Monday that the "Question of the Week" consist of something related to labor.  So my question is:

"Have you ever had sex in the workplace?  And if so, was it just jacking off, oral or full blown hardcore fun?"

My answer:  I think you know my answer already if you are a follower of the blog.  I am a massage therapist and while I do not have sex with my clients as part of the massage appointment, I will admit there have been a couple of sexy men who were invited to stay over after the session for some personal 1-on-1 fun.  I try to keep everything very professional in my work because 1) I want to respect all clients as equally as possible and 2) I could get my ass in trouble.  There are some things I am fine with in the context of a massage session though that might qualify as foreplay on some level. Massage is sensual and I think that is fine for a client to get aroused during an appointment.

Anyway, you probably are saying, "I knew about you already!"  LOL!

Now your turn to share...and if you have not had sex in the workplace, share with us who you would like to do in the workplace.  That would be fun to hear too!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My reality show: Gabe's Condo (Episode 2)

In Episode #2 of "Gabe's Condo," Alec Hudson won the BMOC (Big Meat of the Condo) for his hotness in the gym.

Alex saw how Elijah and Scotty were working together and that bothered him...



...especially when Alec saw Scotty was seducing Elijah.

So which one of Alec's nominations should stay and which one should go?

Elijah Alexandrov or Scotty Marx?