Monday, October 5, 2015

Question of the Week: Survey

Shall we get really personal this week?  Let's go for it!  LOL!

Place the following in the order that you think it is erotic, whether it is from personal experience or seeing photos or videos of it.  The first is the one that you feel is the most erotic and go from there.

1.     Leather and possibly some light S&M
2.     Rimming
3.     Oral
4.     Anal
5.     Mutual masterbation
6.     Role playing

I will go first.  I believe that I would have to go with oral first because I associate that with more than just oral on a cock, but nipple play, feet, etc.  Next would probably be mutual masterbation because I do enjoy seeing how a guy pleasures himself and the technique that he uses.  Next for me would be a tie between anal and rimming (guess they go hand in hand).  I do love some hole teasing and of course we know what that can lead to!  Role playing would be next because I can get into a scene with a partner if the vibe is right.  Leather and S&M is really not my thing, although a little butt spanking could be OK (grin). 

Now your turn to share!

Monday Hot Flash

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hot or not?

The beauty of Ronnie Douglas and Dylan Austin

I think you will agree that these are two fit studs, so it seems fitting that this post is dedicated to Fit Studs and his blog.  I will have to admit though that my dedication does include a flash of ass.  Hope that is not too much, Fit Studs!  LOL!  Enjoy Ronnie (above) and Dylan (below) as you look at their sexy bodies.  And be sure to check out Fit Studs blog (link in my blog roll).

Can you tell what kind of mood I am in?

It is raining and I am in a mood to cuddle and kiss.  Anyone interested in joining me since I cannot do this by myself?  LOL!