Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Hot Flash

Question of the Week Continues

I am missing out on enjoying your comments on these questions that I am posting, but I promise I will enjoy reading each one when I get back.  Please keep the energy going!

So one more question for this week and then we will get back to the weekly questions.
For today's question:
"Have you ever done anything with one of your friends even though he had a partner and you were friends with him too?"

My answer:

I have been pretty respectful on that, but there was a situation that came to mind when I saw this photo that prompted me to ask this question.  I was staying with some friends in the Washington, DC area and one was at work and the other had the day off and was going to take me around to see some of the landmarks.  They lived in a one bed/one bath apartment and I was crashing on the couch.

Guy #1 went to work and Guy #2 and I were going to shower and get ready to spend the day together seeing the city.  I was in the shower and Guy #2 walked in the bathroom.  I was a little surprised he walked in but I was not uncomfortable with being naked in front of him.  As I was finishing up, he dropped his underwear and stepped in while I was still still rinsing off.  It was a tub/shower so it was room for two but it was still close.  He blocked me from stepping out and we started some playful (non-sexual) goofy stuff.  But there was touching and that lead to both of us starting to get aroused.  We ended up jacking each other off.

Of course we did not tell Guy #1 what happened.  I don't think that was really Guy #2's intention at the start of the shower, but it happened.  What it did do though was to cause us to purposely shower together the next morning and do the same thing without any reservations.  In fact, there was some oral involved although the majority of it was jacking each other off.

It wasn't overly sexual, but it was something that neither one of us wanted Guy #1 to know.  This was probably 8-9 years ago now and I have lost touch with both of them after they broke up (which was probably happened 5 years ago now).  You may wonder why I would post this story in case they found my blog, but I know Guy #1 does know.  I don't think that played into the reasons for their breakup though.

OK..this was a little more somber of an answer than I was expecting to type, but as I mentioned in an earlier post that I don't edit and just answer the question as it comes.  Hope my reputation is still OK with all of you!  

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